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Useful Stats & Studies | Think of the possibilities that come with effective review management...

  • A 270 % boost in conversions is the average for products after gaining better reviews, according to a scholarly study presented at the Association for Computing Machinery conference.

  • 18 % increases in sales are common in Ecommerce with effective review management, according to a Reevoo study cited by Econsultancy.

  • 67 % conversion increases have occurred when businesses focused on responding to negative reviews the right way, according to a Reevoo study cited by LinkedIn Marketing Blog.

  • 92 % of buyers are more prone to purchase after reading trusted reviews, according to G2 and Heinz Marketing.

  • 31 % more money is how much customers spend when a business has enough positive reviews, according to G2 and Broadly.

  • 61 % of customers read 11-50 reviews before making a buying decision, according to G2.

  • A 5 to 9 % increase in revenue was shown to correlate with each 1 star rise in Yelp ratings, according to findings by Harvard Business School.

  • 91 % of consumers are more likely to use a business when it has positive reviews, according to BrightLocal.

  • 84 % of people take online reviews as seriously as a friend's opinion acccording to Inc.