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Eliminate defamatory reviews. Uphold your polished brand.

Our Review Removal specialists work on your behalf to remove non-compliant, attack-based, competitor-driven, false, irrational, and unfair business reviews on important platforms so you can reclaim the polished online reputation you deserve.

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Why Removal

Gain the advantage. Delete competitors' attacks and elevate your business ratings.

The Problem - While most review websites have protocol to filter out attack-driven reviews, no site is perfect at discerning and blocking every non-compliant and unfair review on the spot. Hence, disgruntled customers and jealous competitors occassionally sneak through the system to post lies about businesses.


The Answer - Our Review Removal department specializes in finding Terms of Service violations regarding false reviews and successfully convinces platforms to honor their Terms with removals. Our team has the legal knowledge to write effective, policy-focused removal requests that get lies taken down.

Clear up your brand on the most important, high-traffic sites.

Our experts sucessfully challenge bad reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot, Angie's List, TripAdvisor, Yellowpages, and more. There's no need to stress about finding the most persuasive way to put forth your takedown request - our team has your back.

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Why Choose Us

Why MRP's Review Removal Team

Department created by experienced US trial attorney.

Started by a succesful trial lawyer with decades of experience handling reputation issues, our removal department has gleaned the training, experience, and verbal precision it takes to craft takedown requests that work.

High success rate using time-tested, proven methodologies.

Once a clear argument proves that a review is in violation, review sites tend to honor their own Terms. While it's ultimately a site's decison to remove a review, appealing to Terms with skill produces the best odds of desired outcomes.

Persistent communica-tion until a decision is reached.

Our team will communicate back and forth with platforms until a final decision is made. This is sometimes a multi-step process as review sites are often overbooked with requests. We commit through the long-haul with the aim to win.

You ONLY pay for successfully removed reviews.

You heard that correctly. You will not be charged for our service until a review is removed and you have evidence of the takedown. If you order more than one removal, you will only be charged for the removals that get completed.

Up to 20 % more affordable than other offers.

In addition to discounts for multiple removals, we've made our one-off removals up to 20 percent less expensive than comparable offers in the industry. Simply book a call to discuss your needs and receive your free, no-obligation quote.

Pay Only For Results

Reclaim your reputation with our risk-free, results-based model.

Protect your hard-earned brand. You're no longer at the mercy of a competitor's attacks or at the whim of an unconsolable customer whose tirade makes little to no reference to facts.

Maximize your platform ratings. It's a numbers game. Since negative reviews are often fewer in number, they can have a greater sway over ratings than positive reviews. Removing non-compliant negative reviews can thus create a significant ratings-boost.

Get DFY removal in your corner. Our team of experts works on your behalf and sees the process through until completion, so you don't have to stress over detailed emails or finding the right terminology to appeal to sites.


Taking control of your business reputation starts here.

 We're here to help.

✔️ Get your questions answered.

✔️ Get a free evaluation of likely results.

✔️ Get your no-obligation quote.


Is there a contract?


There is a performance-based contract. In order to ensure our experts get paid for their performance, we need to have an agreement in advance that ensures you will pay upon a fulfilled order. You will ONLY be expected to pay if and when a non-compliant review gets successfuly removed. We will update you when a review is taken down, and we will send verification of the removal before your payment is withdrawn. Upon enlisting our services, we request that you avoid sending takedown requests to the review site in question. 

How long do removals take?


The answer varies. There are instances in which a review can be removed within hours or days. However, it can take up to several weeks to even several months, especially as the increased popularity of reviews has caused sites to be overbooked with communication. We will continue to send takedown requests and to communicate with review sites over time until a final decision is made, even if it takes months to complete. You will not be charged for the additional time. If a review is not removed within 6 months, you have the option of withdrawing from your agreement at that point. 

Is there a guarantee?


We guarantee that that you ONLY pay for succesfully removed reviews, and we guarantee that our experts will pursue removal proactively until a final decision is made. As stated, we also guarantee that, if a review is not successfully removed within 6 months, you are entitled to withdraw from your agreement. We cannot guarantee the decision of a third-party website or control its response to our requests. Although our experts have a high success rate, review sites are ultimately in charge of following through with our takedown requests.

Optimize your reputation. Maximize your brand. Elevate your business.

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