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Plastic Surgeon

 Case Studies:

Check out these ReviewLead partner results and see the possibilities.

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As a certified partner and servicer of ReviewLead, we apply the tools and strategies that ReviewLead uses to accomplish results like the ones referenced below (applies to our Pro software plan).



Maloney Plastic Surgery acquired 107 new reviews in the first 12 months (as shown in Photo 1 beside the arrow). Their already high ratings remained stable at 4.8 and gained slight increases.


You will notice, in Photo 2, that they continued their plan and thus gained 541 new reviews in four years, achieving an average of over 100 new reviews each year.

Photo 1 - January 2017 to January 2018 - 107 new reviews:

case study photo of 107 reviews

Photo 2 - July 2021 - 541 new reviews since starting:

case study photo of 541 reviews



Dental Surgeon John Carson gained 243 new reviews since starting and a 1.03 star (34 %) increase in ratings from 3.89 to 4.92.

243 new reviews and 34 % growth in ratings:

case study photo of 243 reviews



This drug screening facility was unfairly experiencing low ratings at 3.2. This was due mostly to the fact that visitors were complaining about having to take drug tests for work, instead of commenting on the actual service.

Fortunately, they signed up for ReviewLead and were able to gain a 1.2 star increase in ratings to accomplish a 4.4, just from the first 39 reviews. It's an example of how effective this system is at getting satisfied customers to vouch for a company online.

Grew from 3.2 to 4.4 in the 1st 39 reviews

photo 1 shows starting at 3.2 ratings
photo 2 shows moving up to 4.4 ratings
Drug Screening



Colorado Car Audio gained 72 new Google reviews, rising from 45 to 117 reviews in the first few months with ReviewLead.

Before and After

photo 1 shows 45 Google reviews
photo 2 shows 117 Google reviews
Audio Shop



This company's total review count grew by 2950 %, all while achieving a 5.0 rating in the first 94 reviews with ReviewLead.

case study screenshot of 94 reviews
Business Supplies
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