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Essential Features

 How It Works:

Building trust with consumer opinion from every angle

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1)  Review-Reminder Automation


What it does - Prewritten emails and texts will go out to your customers to invite them to review you. Customers will also receive three to five friendly and non-spammy reminders in case they don't follow up the first time. This is done under your branding, and copy is sent under your approval. 

Benefit - More customers will remember to follow up with a review, and you won't have to worry about reminding them or having your team do so.



2)  Custom Review-Gathering Landing Page


What it does - After clicking on one of our review reminders, your customers will see an elegant landing page that guides them to easily post a review to any of your sites of choice. It's a simple two-click process that makes it a piece of cake for any customer.

Benefit - Reviewers will not get lost or annoyed trying to find your profile on a given platform. Our user-friendly tool will direct them to the perfect spot to post publicly. The easier the process, the more results for you.


3)  Survey & Private Feedback Form


What it does - Our brief landing page survey lets customers express whether they are satisfied or not. If a customer is not satisfied, they will have the option to leave feedback for you privately instead of on a site. Many unhappy customers are content to communicate their complaint offline once our prompt shows that you are proactive about hearing and addressing their concerns. 

Benefit - This feature maintains and improves ratings by giving you a means to solve customer satisfaction issues away from the public eye, all in a compliant manner. 

NOTE - This honors compliance as it makes private feedback optional for customers rather than required. For your protection and ours, we do not participate in "blocking" negative reviews, and we stricly avoid incentives or bribes. We rely on proactive communication instead.

4)  Gain Reviews on Top Sites - Unlimited Sites at Our Pro Level


What it does - Our starter solution can generate reviews on over 80 of the most visited and influential review websites, including major and industry specific sites. Our pro and elite solutions can do so for a limitless selection of legitimate sites that are relavant to your industry. 

Benefit - Variety means credibility. Both customers and search engines see having reviews on multiple sites as a strong trust signal.


5)  Auto-Publishing Social Proof Display


What it does - Incoming reviews will automatically show up on your website in real-time. Your best reviews will amplify your brand in an attention-grabbing, elegant display. This complies with Google and review site terms by linking to and citing the original sites in the source code. Our pro and elite plans can add this to your social media as well. 

Benefit - This feature improves page conversions so you get the most out of your traffic generation. No need to lose leads due to lack of evidence - our tool demonstrates verified content to create maximally convincing social proof to your visitors. 


6)  24/7 Review Site Monitoring

What it does - This tool monitors the websites on which you have review profiles and sends you immediate, real-time updates with quick links to reply every time a new review comes in. It can be toggled to send updates on either all reviews or only the reviews that need quick attention.

Benefit - By never missing a chance to reply to important reviews, you'll be able to keep your brand polished in the eyes of viewers and will help your site gain credibility in Google Maps. 


7)  Reporting & Analytics

What it does - Our easy-to-read reporting documents demonstrate your growth in reviews over time, ratings distribution, click-through rates for review requests, performance comparisons accross review sites, and a customer sentiment word cloud. You'll have access at any time, and you'll receive regular reporting updates from us.

Benefit - You'll be able to easily track your progress and glean a clear picture of results. You'll also gain insights on customer pain-points and the words with which they resonate most.

8)  More Web & Email Tools - Signature & Carousel

What it does - We can add a signature tool and eye-catching graphic that appears at the bottom of your emails so you can translate any customer interaction into an opportunity for more reviews. In addition to our auto-publishing review display, we can include an optional floating carousel that keeps top reviews visible as customers scroll your site.

Benefit - Effortlessly capture even more reviews as you communicate with customers, and keep your polished reputation top of mind as visitors interact with your website. 

9)  Supplemental Offline Tools (Optional)

What it does - Perfect for restaurants and other businesses that don't typically acquire customer contact information, we can create sharp-looking business cards or flyers that include QR codes and URLs to your review-gathering landing page, so you can easily set our whole automation system in motion. These materials can be passed out with receipts or at any opportune time to connect with customers.

Benefit - Collect more reviews and activate our complete system even if you don't currently gather contact info - best for high-volume businesses. 

10)  Expert Strategy in Your Corner

What it does - Even at our starter level, you will have a professional review manager on your side. For starter members, we'll provide tech support via email, setup guidance, and an additional free consultation to equip you with best practices so your reputation is optimized to convert. Our pro and elite levels mean that you will have a dedicated account manager who fully sets up and monitors your account on your behalf. 

Benefit - Never be in the dark about the best methods to implement. We don't just give you a software. We either guide or manage your process so you can count on proven strategies that are designed to create wins.

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Advanced Features

Maximizing your convenience in addition to results:

11)  Extended Drip Campaigns


What it does - We'll create additional review request campaigns that go out to your previous customers so you can make the most of your full contact list. In order to keep this compliant and conversion-minded, we'll set the system to avoid sending requests to everyone at once and to automatically toggle a limited number of request to go out at a steady pace per day.

Benefit - Maximize your total review count. Even if work is going slowly for a day or week, you can continue to gain consistent, frequent, and recently written reviews.


12)  CRM Integration


What it does - Our API can connect with Zapier-compatible CRMs to pull customer contact info in real-time as it's added. Our integration will then push the info straight into our review-generating system, thus enabling you to collect more reviews in a manner that is truly on autopilot.

Benefit - Save additional time as you won't need to upload contacts or to email us the contacts - our done-for-you integration can take care of that on your behalf. 



13)  Single Dashboard for All Responses

What it does - Monitoring for all incoming reviews will be accessible via one easy-to-use dashboard. You'll be able to generate responses to reviews right within the dashboard, then easily post your replies to the review sites you're logged into at the push of a button.

Benefit - No need to check multiple bookmarks to stay on top of responses. Everthing you need is in one beautiful, user-friendly portal.



14)  Response Generator

What it does - This amazing feature creates relevant text that responds to reviews. If you prefer, you can require the tool to let you read and approve the text prior to sending. You can also randomize the phrasing to create variety in responses, save answers you like in a library for future use, and you can select to have this fully automated if you prefer.

Benefit - Save even more time and eliminate stress by letting our intelligent tech create polished review responses on your behalf.



15)  Over 700 Sites Monitored - Three Times the Industry Norm

What it does - Our elite tier has the capacity to monitor over 700 review websites to keep you updated on new reviews. Most high-tier solutions offer monitoring in the range of 150 to 250 sites, while starter tiers are often lower than that. We've gone the extra mile so you can gain maximum reputation awareness and coverage.

Benefit - You can know what customers are saying virtually anwhere, make sure that no unknown reviews are affecting your brand, and never miss the opportunity for a polished response.



16)  Social Post Generator

What it does - This feature will automatically create eye-catching social posts based on your top reviews. Depending on your rate of incoming reviews, this can be either automated or require manual approval prior to posting. Simply click to accept a design, and a pre-designed post will showcase your stellar reputation on your behalf.

Benefit - Keep your brand gleaming and top-of-mind to your social following. Provide even more persuasive social proof for page visitors.



Our system makes things as user-friendly as possible for you and for your customers:

question mark graphic

No need to keep asking for reviews nor will you need to remind your team to do so. Our review requests will do all the work.

cell phone and messaging symbol

No stress about clients forgetting. They'll receive polite reminders so more of them will follow up, even when it's not top of mind for them.

magnifying glass graphic

No need for customers to find you

on review sites. Our landing page will send them straight to the perfect places to post feedback.

cartoon of woman using laptop with checkmark of approval

No stress about how to implement the system. Our Best Practices based guidance and DFY management makes sure you're on track.

DIY & DFY Options


Even at our starter tier, our system is 90 % automated, while our higher tiers can achieve truly effortless 100 % passive implementation on your part. 
Here's a realistic overview of what our review marketing solutions can entail:

Starter & Pro

✔️ 90 % DFY, est.

✔️ Upload new customer contact info into the system, and let automated reminders go out.

✔️ Check for our automated updates on new reviews, and craft your responses.

Pro Plus

✔️ 95 % DFY, est.

✔️ Our API pulls content from your Zapier-compatible CRM and uploads contact info for you.

✔️ Check for our automated updates on new reviews, and craft your responses.


✔️ 99 % to 100 % DFY.

✔️ Our API pulls content from your Zapier-compatible CRM and uploads contact info for you.

✔️ Check for auto-updates on new reviews, and have our tool generate or automate replies per your approval.

Elite Plus

✔️ 100 % DFY.

✔️ Our API pulls content from your Zapier-compatible CRM and uploads contact info for you.

✔️ Our response management department will handle all of your review responses on your behalf.

You're one phone call away from brand-maximizing, highly responsive insights. Let's get in touch.

Premium Services


Supplemental solutions to help you gain reputation mastery from every angle:

Review Response Team

While our elite software can both generate and automate replies, some reviews can be a headache and require a highly finessed reply. We have a review response department that is ready to apply decades of PR insight on your behalf.

Defamatory Review Removal

Most sites have parameters to protect consumers and businesses from false reviews. Unfortunately, false reviews sometimes bypass these parameters. Our removal department is backed by legal expertise to request defamation takedowns.

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